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Quotes Marilyn, thank you so much for donating one of these awesome charm bracelets to our 2011 fundraiser for A Dog's Life Rescue. I know it will be a huge hit with Supernatural fans. I can't wait to order one for myself, now that I've seen one live in the flesh! Thanks again. Quotes
Lindsay from
Thank you!

Quotes I just got my amazing bracelet in the mail and I should say that it is definitely the best supernatural inspired bracelet out there. I love the bracelet with all those great charms on it, and I should add that the order and delivery processes work so nicely. I am currently using the bracelet as a decor on my desk board along with my Supernatural photos on my wall. If I ever get to attend a convention, I will definitely wear my bracelet with pride. Quotes
Eda Aslanoba
A passionate moosekateer / Satisfied customer

Quotes I first saw the bracelet on Facebook and realized then and there what my next impulse purchase would be. And I've never been more satisfied with my decision! My favourite charm has to be the Angel Wing and Blade. But each and every charm reminds me of something that makes my favourite TV show so special. I was worried that it would be a little too fragile to wear, but, boy, was I wrong. I love to wear it. The only complaint I could find in it is the fact that the clasp takes a little getting used to, but now I can take it on and off like a pro! It's a beautiful piece of jewlery, and one that I will never regret buying! Quotes
Lori Alexander
Satisfied Customer

Quotes This was an early birthday gift from my hubby, and I'm absolutely in love with it! The shipping was fast, the communication was excellent, and it was well protected within it's packaging. The charms are gorgeous the bracelet just shines! The pictures do not do it justice. This is definitely a Supernatural piece all over. I love it and can't wait to wear it to the Chicago 2011 convention! Thank you! Quotes
Mandi Newton
Very Happy Customer

Quotes My mom and I ordered our bracelets together, and let me tell you, I was STUNNED at how beautiful they are! The pictures do not do them justice, these bracelets are well worth the money. The charms are wonderful and intricately detailed - I love everything about my bracelet! Quotes
Samantha Simard
VERY happy customer!

Quotes I got this as a birthday present and love every little thing about it. Shipping as fast, packaging was top notch and the charm bracelet is perfection, shiny beautiful bracelet and then the charms any supernatural fan would love to have by it's self let alone all together like this. Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes I first saw this bracelet from a friend who had this bracelet donated to her for a charity. As soon as I saw it I said I had to have one. And I was so right. This bracelet is really something. I just love it and will be wearing to the next supernatural convention. Quotes
Mary Lovett
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I just received my bracelet, and am more than thrilled! The charms are totally unique, and the quality is great! My daughter even wants to steal it! (She says the Salt charm is definately her favorite!) Thank you for making a piece of jewelry that will forever remind me of not only a TV show I am a fan of, but of friends all over the world that I have come to love. Quotes
Laura Stachel

Quotes I received my supernatural bracelet and I am very satisfied with bracelet. I am so happy I ordered it. Bracelet is very shiney and has a lot of great charms. Will be wearing it to my next two conventions. Thanks Quotes
Mary Lovett
Satisfied customer

Quotes I got this bracelet as a prize in one of the Supernatural Twitter Parties.... and I absolutely love it!! The charms are so detailed, and each one brings back so many good memories throughout all the seasons. The toggle clasp is perfect, and the bracelet is very comfortable. I was worried that the bracelet would be uncomfortable because of all the charms and such, but it really is very comfy. The choice of charms is perfect, and nothing is missing in this wonderful bracelet. If you're a SPN fan, definitely buy it -- you will not regret it!! Quotes
Katrina Joseph
Satisfied Customer